Grade 9 subject choices
Grade 9 learners must complete their subject choices for grade 10. We believe you already have a good idea which subjects your son/daughter should take next year.

With all the information bellow, we shall try to guide you in the subjects our school will be offering next year. We hope and believe that all this information will facilitate your decision. If your choice has been made, fill in the subject choice form. Your child must submit this form to his/her register teacher before 10 September 2021.

Step 1:
The subject choice manual is the starting point - please read it. Click here to download the manual.

Step 2:
General information regarding subject choices. Click here to download and read the document OR click here to listen to the presentation.

Step 3:
Study the subject choices that Riebeeckrand has to offers for 2022 by clicking on the subject name.
- Accounting                                                  - Business Studies                    - Computer Application Technology
- Consumer Studies                                      - Dramatic Arts                          - Economy
- Engineering Graphics and Design              - Geography                              - Information technology
- Life sciences                                               - Physical Sciences                   - Tourism
- Visual Arts

Step 4:
For additional information click on the subject name for a short video of the specific subject.

- Accounting                                                 - Business Studies
- Computer Application Technology             - Consumer Studies
- Engineering Graphics and Design             - Information technology
- Visual Arts                                                  - Economy

Step 5:
Parents, if you are unsure about the subject choices that your child should take, your child can complete a psychometric test.

- Career Compass Questionnaire
- Career Categories
- Career Mapper